OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part 3

Saving OKC’s Expendable Citizens There is a storm in Oklahoma’s capital city. There are no clouds, but a torrential reign has overtaken the city. There is no thunder, but its echoes shake the ground. There is no lightning, yet many citizens have been shocked. The waters are rising and if the floodgate soon is not … Continue reading OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part 3

OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part 2

            Imagine a young city positioned in the heart of America: Oklahoma City. The Land Run is over and citizens are settling into homes finally enjoying some relaxation. The gentle clang-clang of the streetcars can be heard bustling up and down the streets. A man named Anton Classen is responsible for instituting this first great … Continue reading OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part 2

Save Founders National Bank Building

All, Bank of America has announced to their customers that they are closing their branch at Founders National Bank on May Ave. Unfortunately, this means that the future of this unique landmark hangs in the balance. As many know, rumors of planned demolition have been heard for years. It is urgent that we, as citizens … Continue reading Save Founders National Bank Building

OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part I

History is amazing, isn’t it? Even more so when it’s not preserved. It becomes like excavating a great civilization or unraveling a mystery. Who knows what the layers of history are hiding? After hours of digging you may find that a locally esteemed hero did not always deserve the pedestal on which he’s placed, or … Continue reading OKC vs. Urban Renewal – Part I